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“If you have a dream to turn your music into your career, this is a must-read. Today’s musician is part artist, part entrepreneur, and part marketing expert. Aaron covers all of the bases in this fantastic book.”

Steve Jones Author of Brand Like a Rock Star: Lessons from Rock ’n’ Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous

“It’s tempting, when you go into the music business, to think that all you have to do is write a great song. That certainly helps. It’s also a necessity to know all aspects of the industry, so you’re able to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face. This book might just be all you’ll ever need to read.”

Eric Alper, Director of Media Relations, eOne Music Canada


"Written for working musicians, and absolutely packed with practical tips on every aspect of the industry, it is now used as a textbook at several universities and music institutions worldwide. Aaron poured his years of experience into this book, and consequentially it is a masterpiece of accumulated information."

Ariel Hyatt, Founder of CyberPR, Social Media Strategist, Author and Recognized Cyber PR Thought Leader 

“Next time you are deep into the 345th game of Angry Birds while sitting in your un-air-conditioned tour (mini)-van, feel guilty … feel very guilty because you are wasting your talent and squandering your career if you aren’t reading this book. Knowledge is power and Aaron's book is powerful!”

David Hayman, Music Supervisor

“Well written and accurate”

Pelle Lidell, European A&R Executive Universal Music Publishing Group

“This book is a must-read for any emerging artist who wants to be able to understand and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the music business. Aaron shares knowledge within these pages that it took most of us years to learn on our own.”

Chris Keaton, Nashville Songplugger (Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, George Straight …)

“Personal and authentic, and chock full of useful advice. The chapter on social media marketing is worth the price of the book.”

Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap, Zag and Metaskills

“A great guide for musicians who need to master the sometimes daunting aspects of branding and marketing. Musicians all over will thank you for sharing your experience, practical advice and resources. … Your chapter on branding is wonderful.”

Karen Kang author of BrandingPays

“In his book, Aaron adeptly discusses complex social media and brand management. His personable and knowledgeable writing style guides readers through the multifaceted new music industry and allowing them to benefit from his genuine expertise. In today’s world of disruptive technology and big ideas, Aaron’s book is an invaluable resource for any artist in the industry.”

Rob Feduk, HootSuite

“In the wake of technological disruption, a new music industry is emerging, and with it, the rise of the ‘musicpreneur’: those dedicated to craft and artistry, but also to entrepreneurial innovation and the DIY ethos. In Musicpreneur, Aaron explores the various components of a music ‘start-up’ and offers the reader practical tips for building a business. From profiling fans and creating a brand to managing social media and generating revenue, Musicpreneur offers you an inside look into what it takes to succeed in today’s music market.”

Steve Keller, CEO/Strategist, iV Audio Branding

“Musicians: Ignore this book at your peril. Here is a complete road map to career success, broken down for even the most novice of artists. If you are wondering why your music career hasn’t taken off yet, here are the answers and the solutions to getting you on track. If you are looking for a solid sustainable career playing music. Musicpreneur takes a fresh look at what it means to be successful and provides a solid roadmap of getting there. Every musician needs to read this book right now.”

Lee Parsons, Founder, Ditto Music

"Musicpreneur is not only a must have, but a must use. It is the UNOFFICIAL HANDBOOK for all of us finding our own unique path in music while making a real living doing it. I have spent my time as a major label recording artist as well as the co-founder of my own indie label and music festival, and it certainly requires wearing many hats! Complete autonomy in this business does come with a price, so the more we understand how to connect all the dots, as Aaron puts it, the better chance we'll have to fulfill our passion and dreams, make some bank, and most importantly give our art it's best shot to be appreciated. I can tell you from first hand experience that Aaron not only preaches these insightful and prophetic words you're about to read, but lives them out in his every day life to the tune of success. Which is exactly what Musicpreneur will be, a big ol' success!"

Steve Azar, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur.


"I have completely enjoyed your book. I am not sure which adjective to use to describe it. The amount of information covered is really amazing. The depth of information, sources and research offered in this book would take an individual years to compile. Even then, I think they would fall short. The overall theme addresses an issue I have always expressed to all my artists and writers. "Before you can make it in the Music Business you need to know the Business of Music". Your book offers the most comprehensive approach on this subject I have ever read. It explains hard to grasp concepts such as copyrights,publishing and music licensing in a way anyone can understand them and how they work. Excellent job. It will become the Hand Book for all serious artists for years to come."

Larry Barker, Titanium Productions LTD., 2D 2L Publishing


"I was impressed by the book... I've read a lot of stuff that professes to help artists, but is essentially minimal advice padded out with maximum waffle – this does what it promises to."

Haydn, HitQuarters