A split test revealed additional insight about Musicpreneurs

Posted by musicpre on February 16, 2014

In the final design stages of my book, and after already approving the cover design, designer Josh Nychuk presented me with a final suggestion. He took the already approved straight line design and replaced the straight lines with wavy ones. He felt that the waves represented both the possibility of sound waves, a topographic map as well as provided a contrast to the sharp edges of the font. Essentially he felt it would appeal to the creative side of the reader and provided an overall balanced design.

In my mind the choice was obvious, straight lines! The most direct route from point A to B. At this point I decided to do a split test to find out what other people thought before making the final decision. The responses were clear and direct, no uncertainties, it was easy for everyone who participated. The overwhelming majority said wavy lines. Especially interesting was discovering the type of people that were choosing the straight line design and those that were going with the wavy version. The results made a lot of sense. Artistic types chose wavy lines and engineers and other left brained people went with straight.

Then I asked personal friends including a composer who embodies the perfect example of a musicpreneur. I was extremely curious to hear his choice. He said straight lines, "the most direct approach..."

After researching successful musicians in depth, there were certain elements that stood out in comon. An important skill to have if you are a musician looking to build a career in music, is the ability to treat your career as a business. The ability to be organized, focused, consistent, business minded and a long list of qualities generally associated with left brain thinkers. Obviously we all use both sides of our brain but we certainly tend to fit conveniently into left or right brain oriented. Could it be that musicians with stronger left brain functionality have an advantage over those purely creative right brainers when it comes to building a career in music? 

Which cover would you have picked?

Musicpreneur_Cover_D3-B.jpg    Musicpreneur_Cover.jpg  


Click here to take a brain test to find out whether you are a left or right brainer.


If we can learn more about ourselves we have the ability to work on areas that need improving. I don't beleieve anyone is born with success or incredible talent, it is something we work on during our lifetime. I like to use the example of bodybuilders. Whether you are a mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph body type, you can still become Mr. Olympia, you just need to train according to your bodytype.

We constantly try and do as others do expecting the same result, when we should really be working to be the greatest version of ourselves. Find out if you are left or right brained and work on your weaknesses and empower your strengths.

Luminosity can help develop both sides of your brain.


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